Dear Heads of Congregations and Associations of the Vincentian Family
Dear Lay people, Sisters, Priests and Brothers who live the Vincentian charism:
The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ always accompanies us!

The ethics and spirituality of Saint Vincent de Paul is a great evangelical treasure lived by a huge group of people, whom we call the Vincentian Family. The danger is that over the years, that prophetic and transforming intuition of St. Vincent can fall into routine or can be forgotten.

The International Center of Vincentian Formation (CIF) offers a time of formation for an update in our ethics and spirituality. Which can and should be lived in politics, economy, work, culture, social media, communities and families, education, existential margins, among the poorest, etc. In this course we will study the Vincentian praxis of integral service to the poor. Which implies working with them for their humanization and evangelization. That is to say, we will remember the attitudes, the fundamental lines, the strategies that Saint Vincent undertook in favor of the poor. That memory should question us, encourage and invite an update.

Remember that the training we receive will benefit the congregation, the province, the movements, the educational establishments and social promotion, but especially the poor with whom we interact.

For this reason, I cordially invite you to participate in the IV CIF Encounter of the Vincentian Family. In this meeting we will see: what is the Vincentian family; how to work together in the integral dignification of the poor; what was the original inspiration of St. Vincent and how to deepen it; other important characters of the Vincentian Family; ethics and Vincentian Spirituality. Technics to improve teamwork, etc. The lecturers are recognized specialists from all over the world. This course will provide a wide variety of tools and methodologies to improve one’s life and subsequent action. We want it to be a novel and innovative learning process. Since it is not only limited to the classroom, but will be accompanied by the exceptional trips to the Vincentian places in Paris and the rest of France, places where Vincentian inspiration arose.

It will be an exceptional experience of mutual knowledge of associations, works, people and congregations that identify with the Vincentian charism. All this will allow us to work more in a network. And on our part we will provide accompaniment and advice during all this time.

We will dedicate important time spaces to prayer and meditation. Environment favored by the Chapels of the Mother House, especially the Chapel where the body of Saint Vincent is located. Also, the Chapel of the Apparitions of the Miraculous Medal. In addition to the many Churches and Chapels that we must visit in those days.

Where will it be? The course will be held in beautiful Paris, France. In the Mother House of the Congregation of the Mission. 95 rue de Sèvres, Paris. Postal Code 75006. She is located in the heart of Paris and is easily accessible by public transport. At the end a diploma will be given to the participants.

When it will be?  From Friday August 2 to Monday August 26, 2019. We have changed to the month of August, since it is vacation time for a good part of the planet and it will be easier to participate.

The course will be taught in three languages: Spanish, French and English. The total cost of the course is € 1,900. Includes accommodation, meals, classes, pilgrimages, hotels, tickets to museums and material.

Needless to say, that the selected people must have a great desire to know the moral and spirituality of Vincentian, as well as the ability to live together orderly and cordially.

I remind you that the Mother House of the CM in Paris has a large number of visitors and that the sector of the rooms must be coordinated with the other authorities of the House. As a deadline to confirm the presence of the participants will be July 15, 2019. The quotas are limited since the maximum is 30 people. I am your very secure servant. In Mother Mary and Saint Vincent.

Pbro. Dr. Andrés R. M. MOTTO, C.M.

Director of the C.I.F.

PD 1: to confirm the presence of the participants or to ask any questions I ask you to write to my personal e-mail: andresmotto@gmail.com

PD 2: Given some requests that have made me, I tell them that I am available to give courses and retreats in the various places that ask me. We just have to coordinate it with time.

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